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      Disable SSL verification for Consul when it is required (#1399) · 7b0e012f
      Julien Riou authored
      Consul client uses urllib3 with a verify=True by default. When
      SSL verification is disabled with verify=False, we can see
      CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED exceptions. With urllib3 1.19.1-1 on
      Debian Stretch, the "cert_reqs" argument  must be explicitaly set
      to ssl.CERT_NONE to effectively disable SSL verification.
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      Don't create permanent physical slot with name of the primary (#1392) · 80ce6187
      Alexander Kukushkin authored
      It is a regular issue that primary is recycling WALs when one of the replicas is down for a long time. So far there were only two solutions for such a problem and both of them are not perfect:
      1. Increase `wal_keep_segments`, but it is hard to guess the good value.
      2. Use continuous archiving and PITR, but it is not always possible.
      This PR is introducing the way to solve the problem for static clusters, with a fixed number of nodes and names that never change. You just need to list the names of all nodes in the `slots` so the primary will not remove the slot when the node is down (not registered in DCS).
      Of course, the primary will not create the permanent slot which is matching its own name.
      Usage example: let's assume you have a cluster with nodes named *abc1*, *abc2*, and *abc3*.
      You have to run `patronictl edit-config` and put the following snippet into the configuration:
          type: physical
          type: physical
          type: physical
      If the node *abc2* is the primary, it will always create slots for *abc1* and *abc3* even if they are not running, but will not create slot *abc2*.
      Other nodes will behave the same.
      Close #280
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      Config validator implemented (#1314) · ffde403a
      Igor Yanchenko authored
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